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Kompozit is a manufacturer of paints and varnishes whose expertise helped Ukrainian families to make their decor sensations come true. Born 25 years ago, we are already a dynamic company, always playing a role in the paint and varnishes sector.


We are there for our customers and our products are the result of 25 years of constant technological improvement involving raw materials, personnel and listening to what the final user needs. Our production distinguishes itself for the ease of use and its quality is praised and by our clients and distributors. We always lend a ear to our customers in order to understand needs and trends and we work close-neck with our distributors and shops in order to deliver the best water-based paints following the highest eco and quality standards.


Our distributors and partners can benefit from a very long term business relationship with a reliable manufacturer. We always appreciate and reward our partner as we provide extensive sales support, business trainings, presentations and a constant presence at trade fairs and exhibitions. Our company is very concerned about environment, that is why we adopted the highest standards of manufacturing and chose only the best European and American suppliers. Our products are conceived in order to sastisfy our customers’ needs and we provide our clients and distributors all the information towards a safe use of the products we manufacture.

We are the paint experts because we listen carefully to our customers feedbacks and needs: we provide information for our clients to obtain the best results with the least amount of product possible.



Our partners are successful businesses in Ukraine, CIS and the EU in the paint and construction industries, such as networks of construction hypermarkets “Epicenter”, “New Line”, “Oldie”, “Leroy Merlin”.

We appreciate your trust and offer only high-performance materials